Sophie. Or Lyds?

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Hi, my name is Sophie, I’m 18 years old and don’t exactly conform to my towns view of the world.

How and where did you discover Anna Blue?

The first time I came in contact with Anna Blue was when I saw the “So alone” ringtone add on VIVA back when I was 13 years old. It was at the same time I had to change schools because I got bullied a lot. Sadly the bullying didn’t stop at the new school and so I started listening to music which helped me to fight against my fear of still being alone.

I fell in love with “So alone” the first time I heard it but sadly I’d forgotten the artists name and never saw the add again. Years later, when I was in ninth grade, I had a teacher for a short time that no one really took very seriously, but she and I got along well. One day when I fought back after being attacked by some bullies – they had thrown chewing gum and other things at me so I snapped and flipped their desks onto them, I’d simply had enough – she told me this, “Oh so that’s what happened. Well, that’s not your fault then. They only have themselves to blame.”
Around two months later that same teacher told me to look for a song called “Silent scream” on YouTube, because she thought it might be something that would help me. She was so right! Shortly after that she sadly left our school and I never got to thank her for showing me the song or for helping me with my shyness and teaching me not to put up with everything people throw at me.

What drew you to Anna Blue in the first place and why did you stay?

With „So alone“ it had been the artists voice and the simple fact that it’s raining in the music video. This somehow intensified the impact it had on me.

Years later with “Silent scream” I couldn’t help but cry…day by day I’d blocked out everything that happened around me and seeing the music video was a real shock that somehow brought me back to reality. Friends come and go, they say, but none of the friends I’d ever made had given me the feeling to be understood, not like this song managed to do.


What else are you listening to?

Many different things really. I don’t exactly have one specific style I prefer, because I care more about the lyrics than the music itself. I simply don’t like artists like Ariana Grande, but a song like “High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco can always make me laugh.
Mostly I listen to the soundtrack from the Aikatsu anime because it includes so my different styles of music.
I also enjoy feeling nostalgic which is why I like listening to old songs.

When did you start cosplaying?

I did my first cosplay at the Leipzig book fair when I was 14 years old. I was Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. But you change over time and a lot faster than you think. Back then I just borrowed the cosplay from my friend because the one I’d ordered didn’t fit. Since we both had a similar size it was alright for the one day.

In later years I also cosplayed as Rukia from Bleach and Mavis from Fairy Tale but I didn’t feel comfortable with it, even though I really really wanted to cosplay these characters.


When I heard that Anne would be at the Leipzig book fair 2019 I realised I finally should put my cosplaying Lyds plan into action. Even though after five years of cosplaying and being on many different cons I didn’t have much fun with it anymore, I felt really comfortable cosplaying Lyds (even though I had to wear the pink wig which isn’t exactly my thing).

What is the best thing about cosplaying for you personally?

I can never properly put it into words. Every time I thought of a new cosplay and put it into practice I could only wear it one time and after that never again. No matter how much I loved the characters my heart always told me that there’s something wrong.
Back in March when I saw Anne’s reaction to my cosplay I was just so happy. No one had ever been so delighted by one of my cosplays. About Lyds I especially like that she’s a character with more than just one outfit which is why I got to wear three different ones for the Leipzig book fair 2019. My most favourite outfit was the gothabilly dress.


How would you describe your everyday fashion style and has cosplaying had an impact on it?

My everyday fashion style changes all the time. One day I’m wearing a gothic dress, then it’s something vintage or rockabilly or simply something you’d only expect from me. I can’t really put into words.

Cosplaying most definitely had an impact on my style, at least my Lyds cosplay. When I saw the character of Lyds for the first time all I could think was, “I want to wear something like that!” But I was too shy and afraid to wear something like this in the town I live in. My town is kinda…different.

What do you think about the community?

When I first joined the community I was kinda anxious to be honest, because I had no idea what I was getting into. I always struggled with the whole making friends thing and only had bad experiences like people going behind my back.

The first person I met there helped me to believe in myself. In a group they created I found my best friends. All I ever wanted in life was a friend that wouldn’t deceive me, but I got so much more, something I’d never would have found anywhere else.


My new friends helped me to find myself, to be brave and to discover new things I enjoy. Even though we all live on different continents they’re always by my side and help me fight my shyness. Because of them I even have a big mouth now and say what come to my mind and just as it is. They have given me the courage to simply be myself and have become my family, and I think I’m not the only one who’s made this kind of experience. I’ve talked with many different people who have all told me similar stories.

And to everyone out there who struggles with opening up to people or finding friends, don’t worry! Even though even in this community there are people who might disappoint you, there’s a whole bunch of great people with big hearts. You just have to find them.

Which cosplay would you like to do next?

I already have everything for my next cosplay together. I’ll cosplay Ran from Shugo Chara. Sadly he’s as unknown in Europe as Aikatsu.

Since there are so many different Aikatsu anime – the normal Aikatsu, Aikatsu Stars and Aikatsu friends – I chose the gothic girls since I simply love their fashion style.

For a character that has more of a rock music kinda style I’d love to recreate his outfit with the bat wings because it’s simply awesome. I’d even prefer that cosplay over Otabek form Yuri on Ice or Eclipsa from Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

Which character appeals to you the most and why?

Lyds of course! However nice I might be sometimes or care about my friends…there’s always this part of me that doesn’t care about what other people say, that simply speaks his mind or even hurts someone if that someone harms myself or the people I care about the most.

Whom would you like to portray?

There’s a bigger difference between cosplaying and portraying someone than one might think. Of course I enjoy cosplaying especially when I like the character, but I don’t really have the wish to portray someone if that means I’d have to behave like that character.
When I was younger I always wanted to be someone else, someone people admire, but since I learned to accept myself as I am that wish has become irrelevant really.

What are obstacles when creating a cosplay and how do you generally proceed?

When putting together a cosplay the price is always a big problem as well as the sizes. Sometimes you see a super pretty outfit which also has a high quality, but then costs more than 200 euro. Or you even take all your measurements to order the right size and when you get your order it’s still too big or small.

What would you recommend to beginners?

Don’t fixate on elaborate cosplays or too many details. Just start small. Boys can start with a Ruffy from One Piece cosplay and girls with a character from Sailor Moon. Both are easy to cosplay you can easily tell which suppliers sell good and which bad cosplays.

Try and find a cosplay partner you can cosplay with. For the Leipzig book fair 2019 I brought my best friend – Michelle as Zoe – and together it was just so much more fun!

Which websites do you visit the most?

Miccostumes and Mycostumes are both very good websites where you can’t just buy cosplay but also worbla (you can use worbla to make armour or weapons).

With sewing patterns you can also sew your own cosplay. You can find lots of different patterns online especially from other cosplayers.

Famous last words?

Self-care the hate out of your life and you´ll get through okay.


Thank you, Sophie! <2


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  • Hello, my name is Kyleigh and I understand how Sophie feels about your music Anna. i have been able to connect to your music for a while. When i first herd Silent Scream, I was in a tough place in my life. I’m only 15 and i feel like I’m broken, but Anna’s music helped me. I have had a hard few years dealing with loss and getting messed with at school. Not much but enough to make me act out. Anna your music has helped me a lot with coping and healing a bit. I think you have made a bigger impact than you realize. Thank you Anna.

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