Which Anna Blue Character are you?

Count how often you get each letter for an answer to get your personal result at the end of the test!


  1. Which movie would you watch spontaneously tonight?

    1. A Nightmare on Elmstreet

    2. The Notebook

    3. Fight Club

    4. Mulan

    5. The Hunger Games

    6. The Great Gatsby

    7. Terminator

    8. Grease

    9. Dead Poets Society

    10. Cruel Intentions

  2. Which statement about love and relationships describes you best?

    1. You believe in the one great love.

    2. Love is worth fighting for.

    3. Don’t get side-tracked by prejudice or shallowness.

    4. Especially hard nuts are worth being cracked.

    5. You have to be comfortable with yourself before you can be happy with someone else.

    6. You prefer the strong and silent type.

    7. You won’t dare telling your crush about your feelings anyway.

    8. Who wants to settle for only one person?

    9. Opposites attract.

    10. You want to be worshipped.

  3. What’s you favourite food?

    1. Pizza

    2. Steak

    3. Pasta

    4. Pudding

    5. Popcorn

    6. Blue berry muffins

    7. Chicken Nuggets.

    8. Spaghetti with meat balls

    9. Pierogi

    10. Strawberry cheesecake

  4. Which drink would you like to be treated to?

    1. Ginger Ale

    2. Malt beer

    3. Lemonade

    4. Iced tea

    5. Cherry Coke

    6. Matcha Drink

    7. Energy drink

    8. Bear

    9. Water

    10. Cocktail

  5. Choose a song!

    1. Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros.

    2. Ho Hey. The Lumineers.

    3. She moves in her own way. The Kooks.

    4. Don't Stop Believing. Journey.

    5. Run The World (Girls). Beyoncé.

    6. Born this way. Lady Gaga.

    7. Love hurts. Incubus.

    8. Don’t. Ed Sheeran.

    9. For once in my life. Stevie Wonder.

    10. Young and beautiful. Lana Del Rey.

  6. Which place would you like to hang out with your friends?

    1. In the park

    2. In a cool Pub with Live-Musik

    3. As long as it’s outside

    4. Doesn’t matter as long as I’m with my friends

    5. In a nice Café

    6. Wherever we feel comfortable

    7. In a open air swimming pool

    8. In a Club

    9. Out in nature

    10. In a fancy bar

  7. Where would you like to go for your next holiday?

    1. Ireland

    2. Iceland

    3. Snowboarding in the mountains

    4. Disneyland

    5. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s at the sea

    6. Australian

    7. What holiday?

    8. Adventure trip in Switzerland

    9. Road trip through eastern Europe

    10. Coachella

  8. What pet (no matter how crazy) would you like to get?

    1. A cat

    2. A mongoose

    3. A bearded dragon

    4. A dog

    5. A crow

    6. An octopus

    7. A fox

    8. Two dogs

    9. A wolf

    10. Way too much work!

  9. How do you react when someone gives you a compliment?

    1. I’m not very good at taking compliments.

    2. I don't

    3. Why do you even need compliment from others?

    4. It simply makes me feel good and I enjoy it.

    5. Why didn’t I get one earlier?

    6. With a big laugh. Compliments are overrated especially when you’re content with yourself.

    7. What’s that all about?

    8. I thank the other person, but I already know how awesome I am.

    9. I try to give a compliment back.

    10. I’m perfect.

  10. What is your best characteristic?

    1. I have a good heart.

    2. I’m a big romantic.

    3. I’m tough.

    4. I always try to be helpful.

    5. I would never lie to anyone.

    6. I do what I want whatever anyone else might think.

    7. I only mean half of the stuff that comes out of my mouth.

    8. I’m an extrovert and never miss an opportunity to have a good time.

    9. I always stay calm even in nerve-wracking situations.

    10. I simply am myself no matter who might be annoyed by that.

  11. What is your worst characteristic?

    1. I’m too shy.

    2. Sometimes I’m blind toward other peoples feeling.

    3. Sometimes I’m prejudiced.

    4. I submit myself to the wills of other too often.

    5. Sometimes I hurt people without meaning too.

    6. My relaxed attitude gets often confused with indifference.

    7. I can’t even admit my own feelings to myself.

    8. I’m jealous and easily jump to conclusions.

    9. I often put up with stuff to keep the peace.

    10. I enjoy hurting people with my words.

  12. You have a crush on someone. How do you handle it?

    1. I turn into a ball of stress and don’t know what to do.

    2. think of a romantic gesture to win the other person over.

    3. I try to fight my rising feelings.

    4. I try to show my crush who I really am, hoping that that person will like me back.

    5. I simply tell my crush about my feelings.

    6. I make the first step. No risk, no fun!

    7. I don’t have a crush on anybody, is that clear?

    8. I’ll simply win my crush over.

    9. I wait for the other person to make the first step.

    10. I’m playing hard to get.

  13. How is the relationship to you parents?

    1. It’s alright.

    2. I’ve learned a long time ago to stand up to them.

    3. In their eyes I can’t do anything right anyway.

    4. .Sometimes I have the feeling that we switched roles a long time ago.

    5. They’ve lost my trust ages ago.

    6. I’m their favourite child!

    7. I have the strictest parents in the world.

    8. I don’t have any problems with them.

    9. Who needs parents when you have awesome friends?

    10. Everything was easier when I was younger…

  14. Which are your favourite flowers?

    1. Roses

    2. Forget-me-not

    3. Freesia

    4. Daisies

    5. Red poppy

    6. sunflowers

    7. Amaryllis

    8. Orchids

    9. Tulips

    10. Calla-Lilies

  15. To which extravagant dessert could someone treat you?

    1. Chocolate Fondue

    2. Tiramisu

    3. S‘mores

    4. Cookies

    5. Mousse au Chocolate

    6. Cake pops

    7. Boba

    8. As long as it’s dessert

    9. Pączek (like crepes)

    10. Macarons

  16. How do you like your coffee?

    1. With milk and sugar

    2. When you replace it with tea?

    3. Black, like my sould

    4. Mocha

    5. Cappuccino

    6. With an oat drink

    7. Cafe Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

    8. Espresso

    9. Black

    10. Iced coffee

  17. Which one is your favourite Disney movie?

    1. Arielle

    2. The lion king

    3. Alice in Wonderland

    4. Mulan

    5. Merida

    6. Phantasia

    7. Aladdin

    8. Robin Hood

    9. Peter Pan

    10. Hercules

  18. What do you look for in a soulmate?

    1. Honesty

    2. Romance

    3. Respect

    4. Openness

    5. Independence

    6. Humour

    7. Empathy

    8. Faithfulness

    9. Emotional maturity

    10. Chemistry

  19. If you were the star of a movie which genre would that move have?

    1. Musical

    2. Romance

    3. Adventure

    4. Family

    5. Biopic

    6. Fantasy

    7. Coming-of-Age

    8. Dramedy

    9. Tragicomedy

    10. Drama

  20. What’s your favourite colour?

    1. Turquoise

    2. Grey

    3. Pink

    4. Blue

    5. Cherry pink

    6. Green

    7. Yellow

    8. Dark blue

    9. Light blue

    10. Rose



Did you count how many times you got which letter?

  • You have mostly 1: You are like Anna: You’re shy and reserved but for your friends you force yourself to do things that don’t come easy to you. You’re honest, kind-hearted and your friends can always count on you. Sometimes you’re too nice which leads to people fooling you.

  • You have mostly 2: You are like Damien: You’re sweet, romantic and most of the time you‘re a real sunshine. You’d do anything for your friends and especially for the love of your life, even if that means that you have to fight against other people’s wills to do so. You’re reliable and people can come to you when they have any problems.

  • You have mostly 3: You are like Zoe: You’re tough, self-confident and you don’t care what other people think of you. You’re loyal to a fault and don’t accept anyone saying something against your friends. If someone gets on your bad side they really have to work for your forgiveness.

  • You have mostly 4: You are like Henry: You’re kind, calm and the kind of friend everyone wishes for. If you got it in your head to do something you fight for it no matter how long it may take. To your friends and family you’re loving, helpful and generous.

  • You have mostly 5: You are like Lyds: You have a big mouth, excessively large self-confidence and don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You’re empathetic and nothing is more important to you than your friends but you’re also brutally honest which not everyone can handle so feelings get hurt.

  • You have mostly 6: You are like Eden: You’re a free spirit and no one can stop or confine you. You’re simply always yourself no matter if someone might be bothered by that, but you also don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re basically Everyone’s Darling but also don’ care if someone doesn’t like for a change.

  • You have mostly 7: You are like Tám: You’re basically very insecure but hide that behind a big mouth and a bad attitude. Your friends are super important to you, you just can’t show it properly. If need be you’d do anything for them even though they’ll never know.

  • You have mostly 8: You are like Adrian: You’re an extrovert, self-confident and absolutely content with yourself in any possible way. You like having a good time and party especially when your friends are with you. You also have a big protective instinct and try to guard the people that are most import to you.

  • You have mostly 9: You are like Lu: You’re calm, gentle and the ultimate nice guy. Your friends are like a family to you and you don’t know what you would do without them. But you’re also too restrained and aren’t used to standing up for yourself or fight for the things that are most important to you. Even though you won’t admit it, you’re waiting to be swept off your feet.

  • You have mostly 10: You are like Sophie: You’re the typical Mean Girl, popular, self-confident and always acting in your own interest. But if you let someone into your heart you do anything to keep and protect them – no matter the cost. People that cross you can only be pitied. Who wants to anger the ice queen? Knives can miss but your words always hit their target!

Need a reminder who is who?

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  • I got Anna, dang.
    Close second is Lyds.

  • I can never really chose between options. So I have several answers.

    2. × 16 – Damien
    4. × 14 – Henry
    1. × 13 – Anna
    3. × 10 – Zoe
    9. × 9 – Lu
    7. × 7 – Tám
    8. × 7 – Adrian
    5. × 6 – Lyds
    6. × 6 – Eden
    10. × 6 – Sophie

    I think: The more indifferent we are, the easier we can tolerate each other. The more different we are the more we can learn from each other.

  • I got Henry and Adrian for 4 each. :)

  • I got Lu and Tam

  • 4! HENRY! WOW!

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