Angelique and Nadika in our epic blanket fort

Back when we were just children, it was the easiest and most natural thing in the world for us: take a few pillows, add some blankets, maybe the one or other chair, or simply the little brother's bunk bed, and it was finished - the perfect little blanket fort!

For a short period of time we were able to forget everything and everyone else. Combining just a few simple household items with enough imagination and we had a princess castle, a pirate ship, an unexplored cave or simply the most comfortable and cosy location for bookworms, day dreamers and aspiring (colouring-) artists.

But if it was so great, why did ever we stop building blanket forts? Don’t we still need time to ourselves now and then? Don’t we still want to feel like princesses, pirates or explorers sometimes ? Or maybe just hide from reality once in a while and feel like children again?

We think we most definitely deserve that and so do you! Right now! Whether to relax on your own or to have fun with your friends, here's our five steps guide on how to build your very own ultimate blanket fort:


Step 1

Get enough material to build your blanket fort as grant, comfortable and extravagant as you can imagine!

Necessary supplies:

• Blankets … lots of blankets. Like ours ;)
• As many pillows as possible
• Seriously, more pillows. Maybe even the big, fluffy sofa cushions?
• Sleeping bags, bedspreads and other soft bolsters
• Safety pins, clothespins, hair ties, tape, cord or whatever else you can use for fixation
• Brooms, billiard cues, umbrellas and so on ... something must keep your blankets up, right?
• A flashlight to help you find your way around your fort when it’s finished
• A password to ward off people you don’t want to leave in!
• A slingshot, missiles (such as socks), or a squirt gun to ward off uninvited guests


Additional supplies to make your blanket fort extra special:

• Fairy lights
• Stuffed Animals
• Our new super soft Anna Blue blanket!
• Glow sticks
• Colourful cloths
• Provisions (we recommend things that don’t crumb or make a mess such as gummy bears, fruit, pudding ...)
• Balloons
• Flowers
• Music
• Toys
• Books
• Art and craft supplies
 •More pillows
• More blankets


      Things you should NOT use for safety reasons:

      • Candles (with the exception of our very own Anna Blue candles, because they spread their delicious scents even without having to light them)
      • Lamps with light bulbs that get too hot
      • Friends who think blanket forts are stupid


          Step 2

          Remember what being a child felt like.

          Don’t try to approach the whole building a fort thing like a reasonable, logical, or even adult person. It's about releasing your inner child.

          Go wild! Be crazy! Think of all the things you haven’t done in forever because they’re soooo childish and then do them!

          This is your chance.


          Step 3

          Get inspiration!

          You still have absolutely no idea what your blanket fort should look like? That’s not an issue at all! Many before you have had the same problem, but fortunately even more people love to share their extraordinary ideas with you.

          The internet is full of great ideas and awesome tutorials to inspire you, but to make your research easier, here are some interesting links:


          Step 4

          Since you’ve already got your supplies and found all the inspiration you ever needed, there’s only one thing left for you to do; build your very own ultimate blanket fort!

          You don’t know how?

          Here are two pretty neat instructions:


          Step 5

          You did it! Your blanket fort stands or hangs or leans, is comfortably furnished and most importantly looks totally spectacular and absolutely unique!

          So, what’s there left to do?

          Have fun with it! Enjoy yourself inside your fort!

          Invite friends to play, cuddle up with a good book between the many pillows, or finally listen to the Anna Blue audio books that have been on your to-do list forever!

          It’s totally up to you how you spend your time and we wish you all the fun in the world!


          PS Share your blanket fort pictures on Instagram and link us!  ♥

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          • Hello from Canada. I remember making a blanket and pillow forts with my sister when we were little. We would do both the chair blanket fort and the bunkbed one as well. This post reminded me of all the fun things we did when we were young and brings back so many memories. Thank you for sharing this :D.

          • It is an excellent idea since we can remember how it was to spend time with friends when we were children.

          • That’s so cool! Thank you for your inspiration on how to build a fort! It has gave me many creative ideas! Thank you Anna!

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