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Unboxing videos are the best!

Posted by Anna Blue on

Let's be honest... the best part of unboxing videos (for me) is the excitement you feel from the person on the other side of the screen. 

There's something very personal about it- especially when you manage to bring a little bit of joy in the form of a little package. So I thought it would be cool to share some from Youtube that I found or people directly linked me on Twitter or Instagram. 

If you feel like seeing some people reviewing and unboxing items, here you go: 

 This might also be useful for people who wondered how to wear the beanie ;)

Uh, I still love the fluffy pillows... should we bring them back? Maybe with others characters? Let me know! :)

 If you have an unboxing video and want to be featured simply tweet me the link to your (Youtube) video, ok? A link in the video description would be super cool ( makes it also easier to find your video... for me at least).

Since a lot of people might be curious: We work on new music. We as in Damien Dawn and me :D
Obviously there is no Kickstarter backing those up and the shop (in combination with Youtube) is the way we can support this independently. So thanks to everybody for dropping by. <3

It's highly appreciated (from the whole team) and we hope you love the merchandise. We give our best. 


July 10, 2019

I literally just heard about you about a month ago and your songs are absolutely amazing 💕 I’m still waiting for the package that I ordered from your shop and I cannot wait! I hope that (if possible) you could also bring back the cuddle me pillows especially the characters Anna and Zoe (other characters woyld be nice as well 😉) because I never got to get them 😅 I wish you luck on your future songs . . . Can’t wait to hear more from you 🥰


April 7, 2019
¡S O B E A U T I F U L!

Anna,todo lo que trabajas,las canciones que compones,stikers,posters,peluches,ropa,para uno cuando le llega a gustar,gustar y gustar se convierte en algo mas para uno.Nose,para mi es magico,me encanta,todo de Anna Blue y la familia.Cuando me siento de un mal animo sea triste,enojada,desorientada y le pongo play a tu musica siento que estoy nadando en mi imaginacion:,),me pone a soñar tan profundamente que al instante ya me cambia de cara,es unico todo lo que haces.Soy fan tuya y nunca me cansare de todo lo que haces,enserio,me encanta la melodia,¡Tu voz!,es muy hermosa y adorable,siento que me canta un angel,La ropa la quiero conseguir igual a la de los videos de Anna,me encanta sy estilo y conbinacion de colores.Estoy juntando todo lo que pueda para comprar la chalina de Anna,los posters,el cd,¡Todo quiero comprar!,pero nesesito tiempo:( y ya lo quiero pero se que obiamente cuando lo consiga sere el ser vivo mas exageradamente feliz de todo el universo completo.
Saludos desde Peru.
Aida Gonzales,Musa Revelde

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