Summer is coming to an end and we can all look forward to the cosiest, cuddliest time of the year. But cuddling under a blanket is so much more comfortable when there’s someone else beside you or if you can at least daydream about someone else. But who could you be day dreaming of?

No idea? Well, we have the solution! Take our “Who’s your perfect Bae?”-Test and find out!


(Count how often you get each letter for an answer to get your personal result at the end of the test!)

1 How would your friends describe you?

a Shy

b Sweet

c Tough

d Generous

f Mean

g Extrovert

h Gentle

i Insecure

j Open minded

k Thick skinned


2 The first thing you notice about someone you're interested in is their...

a Teeth

b Blushing

c Hair

d Skateboard skills

e Swagger

f Good looks

g Attitude

h Smile

i Spirit

j Style


3 Where would you want to go on a date?

a Italian restaurant

b Home

c Wherever

d Cinema

e Club

f Bar

g Mini golf

h Picnic

i Concert

j Café


4 Your ideal vacation is

a In Scandinavia

b On a lonely island

c In Disneyland

d Somewhere with snow

e Spring break

f A shopping trip to Milano

g Anywhere but Vietnam

h Hiking in the mountains

i Camping

J In a nice Spa


5 What's the least attractive quality someone could possess?

a Unreliability

b Extraversion

c Unkindness

d Weakness

e Introversion

f Low self esteem

g Shyness

h Rudeness

i Closed-mindedness

j Insincerity


6 On a first date, the best movie to watch is...

a Anything but a scary movie

b A scary movie

c Anything but a Disney movie

d Any Tarantino Movie

e Magic Mike

f The Notebook

g 300

h Crazy Stupid Love

i Vicky Cristina Barcelona

j Burlesque


7 Your biggest fear is...

a Getting rejected

b Being a failure

c Being lonely

d Being a coward

e Being bored

f Being Insignificant

g Being disposable

h Being used

i Loss of identity

j Being lied to


8 What's the most romantic thing someone could do for you?

a Defend my honor

b Write a song about me

c Be by my side when I need it the most

d Run me over with a skateboard

e Anticipate my every need

f Parade me around proudly

g Get over himself to be with me

h Fight against his family to be with me

i Accept me exactly as I am

j Think I’m the most wonderful person in the world


9 The perfect date night meal is...

a A barbecue

b Pizza

c Something home made

d Pasta

e Italian food

f Something exquisite

g Vietnamese

h Polish food

i Something sweet

j something new


10 Pick a song for your date

a "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley,

b “Stay with me” by Sam Smith

c “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

d “Kiss me” by Sixpence None The Richer

e “Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran

f “Talking Body” by Tove Lo

g “Somewhere only we know” by Keane

h “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars

i "You're the One That I Want" from Grease

j “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin


11 The best part about being in a relationship is...

a Having someone you trust

b Having someone just for yourself

c Having someone to share anything with

d Having someone to go on adventures with

e Having a partner in crime

f Having someone that spoils you

g Having someone you can be vulnerable with

h Having someone to care for

i Having someone that accepts you as you are

j Having someone that knows you better than you know yourself


12 Which TV Show would you watch together?

a True Detective

b Stranger Things

c Modern Family

d Black Mirror

e Brooklyn 99

f Gossip Girl

g Narcos

h Sherlock

i The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

j Mad Men


13 Which Disney Song describes your Bae’s take on love perfectly?

a “Love will find a way”, The Lion King II

 b “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, Cinderella

c “That’s how you know”, Enchanted

d “Something there”, The Beauty and the Beast

e “So close”, Enchanted

f “I wont say (I’m in love)”, Hercules

g “A whole new world”, Aladdin

h “Once upon a dream”, Sleeping Beauty

i “Love is an open door”, Frozen

j “So this is love”, Cinderella


14 What’s your type?

a The romantic one

b The shy one

c The boy/girl next door

d The tough one

e The charmer

f The mean one

g The insecure one

h The quiet one

i The free spirit

j The badass


15 What would your wedding look like?

a It’ll have fantastic music.

b I want something sweet and romantic.

c Big with all our friends and family.

d I want to see some epic dance moves!

e I want a big guest list.

f I want it to be GLAMOROUS!

g Elopement.

h Something small and quiet.

i A beach wedding.

j It would be extravagant.



Did you count how many times you got which letter?

  • You have mostly a: Your perfect Bae would be Damien: He’s sweet, romantic and most of the time a real sunshine. He’d do anything for the love of his life, and you know whatever comes your way he’ll be there to master it with you. He’s always reliable and you can come to him with every problem.
  • You have mostly b: Your perfect Bae would be Anna: She’s honest, kind-hearted and you can always count on her. With her you can always feel like a hero, protecting her from the outside world. Spend your time cuddling on the couch for ages and make her happy with simple things like a pizza. For Anna the smaller things always count the most, and you won’t have to impress her with overly pompous things. Even though she’s shy you know exactly that she would do anything for you.
  • You have mostly c: Your perfect Bae would be Henry: He’s kind, calm and the kind of boyfriend everyone wishes for. He’s loving , helpful and generous to you and your friends. He’ll always try to make you perfectly happy even if he might not succeed every time.
  • You have mostly d: Your perfect Bae would be Zoe: She’s tough, self-confident and doesn’t care what other people think of her (though she might actually care what you think). She’s loyal to a fault and won’t accept anyone saying something against you. But be careful not to lie to her, because it won’t be easy to get into her good graces again.
  • You have mostly e: Your perfect Bae would be Adrian: He’s an extrovert, self-confident and he’ll do anything so you will have a good time. He’ll always find the best parties to hang out and show everyone what an amazing couple you are. Even though he doesn’t seem that way he’s secretly a sappy romantic and wants nothing more than to treat you like the prince or princess you are. He’s also kind of overprotective of you, but let’s be honest…you love it!
  • You have mostly f: Your perfect Bae would be Sophie: She might be the typical Mean Girl, popular, self-confident and always acting in her own interest, but if she lets you into her heart she’ll do anything to keep and protect you – no matter the cost. She’s A LOT of work, but it’s worth looking behind her ice queen façade and discovering, the caring, loving person she can be with and for you.
  • You have mostly g: Your perfect Bae would be Tám: Being with Tám might not always be easy going. He’s got a big mouth and lots of attitude which he uses to hide his insecurities, but you are super important to him, even if he can’t show it properly. He’d do anything for you, though it’s possible that you never even know all the things he does to make you happy. Maybe not everything is coming up roses, but together you can take on the world if need be.
  • You have mostly h: Your perfect Bae would be Lu: He’s calm, gentle and the ultimate nice guy. You never feel alone with him and you are his whole world, his family and his best friend. Since he’s still figuring out the whole standing up for himself thing, you help take on his battles and protect him if need be. He’s perfect for you because you love being in a real partnership where you are the most important person to someone.
  • You have mostly i: Your perfect Bae would be Eden: He’s a free spirit and no one can stop him. He’s always himself and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s perfect for you, because he’ll let you be as free and crazy and independent as you want. Your relationship can be as open as you’re comfortable with and he would be the last one to constrain you in any way.
  • You have mostly j: Your perfect Bae would be Lyds: We don’t want to lie, she has a big mouth and won’t let anyone tell her what to do (not even you). But you also can be sure she’ll never lie to you, because she’s always brutally honest. You’ll need a thick skin, or your feelings might get hurt. Most importantly she’ll love you fiercely and will fight anyone that would dare hurting you even the slightest. And let’s not forget of course that you’ll always be in vogue with a fashion icon like Lyds at your disposal.

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  • Once again, I couldn’t chose. So here’s the list.
    b: 14 – Anna
    a: 13 – Damien
    h: 12 – Lu
    c: 11 – Henry
    j: 10 – Lyds
    d: 9 – Zoe
    i: 9 – Eden
    f: 8 – Sophie
    e: 7 – Adrian
    g: 6 – Tám
    This surprised me, I thought Sophie would be down the list, but apparently not. Is this a good sign?
    Not to offend anyone though.

  • I didn’t made the test yet, but I am so happy! I just read it and I was just smiling!
    I was sad though that I couldn’t get that free songbook. I don’t have a bankcode and what you need to shop online. My mother does but she doesn’t want to do it. She’s afraid this site is fake and you’ll use it for bad things. I don’t but I am sad I won’t get that songbook. |(

  • Eden

  • You have mostly b: Your perfect Bae would be Anna!! hahahahaha I didn’t expect that result hahaha

  • I got Henry I am so happy x

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