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Zoe SOS Necklace Zoe SOS Necklace Zoe SOS Necklace

Zoe SOS Necklace

Zoe SOS Necklace



The iconic Zoe SOS necklace.
Every necklace is one of a kind since every O bead is marbled differently in dark red stain and black. The S beads are vintage black. All three measure together 3.5 cm and are ceramic.

The necklace is adjustable and can easily fit over your head. How you wear it is up to you. Snug fit works as well as lose fit - or double wrapped around your wrist.

The basics:
- string is 100% waterproof polyester
- one of a kind, no necklace looks like the other
- beads are ceramic
- handmade with <3

One size that fits all. You have adjustable knots on both sides. Tug them carefully to make the necklace wider or smaller.

Why polyester and not leather:
We finally switched over to Poly completely to make it more durable.
Please keep in mind ceramic CAN break so don't throw it on tiles or stoneware and handle it with <3

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