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Character Candles

Character Candles



What could be better than to cuddle up with a blanket when it's raining or dark and have a candle burning? Right, a candle scenting your room and making little crackling noises like a little fireplace.

Each candle represents one character from the Anna Blue universe. We took a lot of time to come up with 10 unique scents that match each one. Please make sure you check beforehand if the scent could be too your liking. We tried to describe them as good as possible.

The wax facts:

  • every candle is made in Germany with a lot of love by Sassy Bookish Candles
  • 100% soy wax
  • wooden twin wick (no smoking issues like with normal wick, no shortening needed... just light it and enjoy it)
  • 25h minimum candle light. Since you shouldn't use a scented candle longer than 2h in a row this means at least 12 days "candle life"
  • 212ml / 7oz
  • Please don't use scented candles for more than over 2h in a row. Initially you should let it burn for 2-3h (not more) for a good pool. Flip your candle before burning to check the instructions.

The scents:

sandalwood, orange and amber. Not a sweet scent. It's named "Sniffing his shirt" for a reason. It's spicy and orangy.


"Unapologetic love for blueberries"  includes yummy blueberry cupcakes and vanilla. It's a sweet scent like freshly baked cupcakes and the best community you can have. A fandom scent from Anna for you.

"When life hands you lemons" is not as lemony as the name might suggest. It's green tea, mint and lime and smells not too sweet. It's a fresh scent for the wild child.

"Snuggling on a winter morning" is... literally a winter morning with fresh, cold air and pleasantly burrowing your nose in his scarf. Violet, white patchouli and cotton flower make it perfect for those who headache over heavy scent.

"Too good to (not) be true" is like the perfect cake you don't want to share. Ever. It smells like pumpkin crunch cake and is so good you might want to take a bite (you really shouldn't tho). It's sweet, pumpkin-y and spicy and just perfect. Not only on Halloween.

She loves being extra so Lyds' scent is a mix of chocolate, dark cherry and white patchouli. It's a "cherry cake date at the graveyard" with a warm, rich scent that is sweet but not overly so. Like dark chocolate... just better.

If you like strawberries and sweet pastries and bubblegum, this is your candle. The "(Evil) bubblegum princess" is pretty much what the name says.

Eden (the unicorn candle):
"Pink Fluffy Unicorn" is a bit of a mystery. Vanilla, marshmallow and candy floss result in "I ate a sweet once that tasted exactly like this but I can't remember the name". It's sweet and magical.

I know there's a coffee next to my bed but 5 more minutes, please? "Coffee in bed on a rainy day" smells like delicious coffee, English rain and plum and is rich, soft, full of warm coffee. It's not sweet- just very... coffee-ish. You have to love it- like the boy.

Tám's scent was a team favourite since it's pretty much a virgin coconut mojito in a jar. "Sweet tooth in denial" is not as sweet as you might think. Lime, mint, burnt sugar and coconut make it surprisingly tame for such a rowdy.


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