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A4 sized color me book of Anna Blue, Damien Dawn, Henry, Lyds and Zoe from Silent Scream Anna Blue color me book Halloween page featuring Zoe and Henry from Silent Scream in a Skull Boy and Cheshire Cat costume. Anna Blue color me book page with Anna in a panda hoodie and Damien Dawn in a romantic pose under an umbrella.

Anna Blue Color Me Book 1

Anna Blue Color Me Book 1



Grab the pencils and be creative! Color the complete "Silent Scream" comic, all characters and popular illustrations and let your creativity run wild. 

Printed on beautiful off-white recycled paper (FSC certified, Blauer Engel) and staple bound so it's easy to flip and open. You can color much everything including the thick 300gr recycled cover.

48 pages with a colored cover- inside black & white print.

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