Henry has had eyes for Zoe since the first time she ran him over with her skateboard, but she seems to have decided not to like him. When he unexpectedly receives...

Henry has had eyes for Zoe since the first time she ran him over with her skateboard, but she seems to have decided not to like him.
When he unexpectedly receives an invitation for Sophie’s famous Halloween party, he sees a chance to finally convince her that he isn’t all that bad. And it might just work, especially if she thinks he is someone else.
But Henry forgot to include Sophie and her ruthless friends in his secret plan, and just when things are looking up, it seems that they’re about to come tumbling back down again!

Will Henry be able to fix the situation and finally win Zoe’s heart?


40 pages short story with POV Henry- perfect for Halloween and the other 364 days of the year. Spoopy reading!

Written by Bea Sarcevic, illustrated by the Off The Record comic team. The story is completely canon and goes along with the rest. This story will give background information for "Silent Scream" and "Where Do I Go?".

Size A6, fits easily into your bag (or notebook)

The booklet comes with a thick A6 postcard of the cover motive that is not available seperately. Spoopy reading!

This set will be added to your shopping cart FOR FREE when you spend over 50 Euro as a thank you from us and the whole team. Happy Halloween, bloobs!

If you write a review, please make sure you won't include a spoiler! Otherwise we have to (sadly) delete the review so everybody can enjoy the story.  Thank you for being considerate of other blueberries! <3

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