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The hard ceramic facts first:

- the mug holds 325 ml  (and a bit more if you're brave... who doesn't fill it to the brim?)
- it weighs 320 gr
- 9,5 cm x 8 cm (without the handle)
- heat press sublimation print which means the design gets pressed with heat into the surface not onto the surface aka it's not a sticker.

The only decision you have to make is which one you want (or all?).

What the heck is an ugly duckling? 
Ugly duckling means the beeb isn't super perfect but since we believe in not wasting anything we hand out the product for the print price and hope people love the special extra snowflake anyway.
Duckling problem of the gang motive: 

Care instructions:
The print lasts the longest if you don't store in in the sun and wash it the oldschool way by hand. They won't immediately desintegrate in the dish washer but the salt from the washer isn't kind to colors and sun generally bleaches colors (think summer and your hair). So a gloomy space on the shelf and a pool party in the sink are the best way to keep your little glum mug pretty.


Because we think you should know: shipping up from 7 mugs gets for some countries unreasonably high (outside of Europe, DHL over 2 kilos). If you just moved (or crashed all mugs... can happen) and are in dire need of  mugs pick the 6 you reaaallllyy want. Like... more than the other 5... they won't be offended if you play favourites.