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Shitajiki- pencil boards

Shitajiki- pencil boards

Shitajiki- pencil boards



Shitajiki (下敷き, lit. "under-sheet") is a Japanese word for various types of materials placed under a sheet of paper for writing, either to prevent marking on the sheets below or to provide a better surface for writing.

These guys are A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm or 5.8 x 8.3 in) and made out of super sturdy semi translucent polyurtheran (plastic) with one smooth and one rougher side.

Lines & Rulers: comes with lines and 2 rulers (cm and inches). This one not only helps with marking (for example, marker bleeding) but also helps you to keep your writing on line. If your handwriting looks like your pen does a roller coaster parkour the lines will help you tremendously on blank pages.

Rain: Does everything Lines and Rulers does except... lines and rulers. It's "just pretty" and keeps your pages clean. you can also stick it to your window and enjoy the instant prettiness.

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