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Anna's Striped Scarf

Anna's Striped Scarf



The iconic scarf. Finally!!!!

Anna's scarf is completely custom made. You'll never find it exactly like this in any other store. We opted for extra softness, double layers and extra length. 

With 19 cm x 2 meters the ends won't floop awkwardly around your neck. This scarf wraps comfortably around your neck and gives you extra length to tuck it twice around or let one side hang down to your hip. 

The awesome specs: 

  • washable
  • soft polyester that keeps your scarf in shape and is completely vegan friendly
  • black and white block stripes
  • 19 cm x 2 meters ( 7,48 x 78,74 inches)
  • double layered with neatly knit off edges

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